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best game ever
« on: February 19, 2009, 09:44:05 PM »
wow.  i have been playing RTS for years.  i have to say this is the best strategy game i have ever seen, by far.  so simple, so effective.  so time-killing (i need to do my uni work!!!!!). 

the only thing i would like to see is a random map generator.  i had a look around on the forums and there are other really good suggestions.  i hope this game continues to develop and get better. 

once again, best game ever played.  whoever made this will soon be snatched up by some big game studio and have to program seed games for the rest of his life (earning lots of cash). but before he is taken i hope he will implement more feautres. 


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Re: best game ever
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2009, 09:48:15 PM »
i cant seem to find the edit post button.  i have to say that this game reminds me of some really good 4X games like imperium galactica 2 but stripped down to its essence.  i hope that all the new feautres will take away from its simplicity, otherwise it will be just another 4X game but will not be deep enough to be a good 4X game.


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Re: best game ever
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2009, 10:05:52 PM »
The game is made by Alex ( and myself ( and your quotes are so going to go onto the box once we finish the final version of the game :-D

On a more serious note, both Alex and myself actually come from a background in profesional games development and we worked for some pretty big companies. I personally have no desire to go back to corporate game development as we are having too much fun as indies.

Thanks for the praise, great you like the game! You are right btw, there is as much 4x to the game as RTS, as well as some harder to define elements. (Gardening?)
We will definitely try to keep the game as simple as it can be. Some additional features will deepen the game and make it look better, but we will try to not overdo it :-)