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Ingame editor :D
« on: May 14, 2011, 09:12:13 PM »
Well, it's not what you'll expect, it will be a map xD
If I had the source code for Eufloria I think I could make an ingame map editor... Might take some time to get used to C# again though... Unless I am wrong and the source code is just hanging there :P

So, in here you can add asteroid with a click, change everything as you want with stat forms and subgroups(they will pop up when you click on the group :)) and all of them leads to some nice features, maybe you can add Infected AI and Gravity, but thats for later versions of the map editor... So I'll soon come up with a design :)

More info later: It's so annoying doing this :/  Nothing goes how I want it -.- I quit the project, after some hours of work... Sry to say :/
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