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A few suggestions
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:00:24 AM »
There are other people offering suggestions, so I will too ^^

Hokay, larger distance between asteroids and a larger sun, but keep the asteroid size the same. This makes longer transit time, more realistic (and I think fun) scale, and allows it to really be a game on a ring based map where you can use the outer parts only, and I think it would enhance the strategy.  Take all the asteroids further away from the sun as well :(
An alternative to combat between asteroids is logistics, where seeds have to stop at asteroids to "refuel" , so they can't travel all the way across the map.
Obviously, planets, I can think of tons of things. just 2 or 3 is fine, at different distances from the sun. Make the asteroids all orbit the sun at the same pace (a slow one), and make the planets orbit at a reasonable pace. On planets, higher tree limit, more seeds needed to plant, etc.
Difficulty adjustment would be nice, as well as other settings before you start the game (number of asteroids, starting seeds, number of factions, and your starting color are enough things to pick from).

Now more outlandish, long term settings which you will probably never implement :P
Mining asteroids and planets? Space habitats, mobile + immobile, after tech research?
Different types of planets (just rocky/gas)? Rings of material around gas planets?
Transportation network? I mean chords between asteroids that you could use to move seeds around, and seeds on the chords don't use up "fuel"
floating solar panels (there is an unblocked sun, after all)?

Most of this may take you away from the slight abstract and artistic touch your game has :/ I like that touch personally, but I would like these features too :)



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Re: A few suggestions
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2008, 11:07:29 PM »
Hello, and thanks for the suggestions!

What we've been doing should fit into your suggestions pretty well. You want to be able to play defensively, we have put in defensive trees so you can protect your asteroids. We've also limited how far seedlings can be sent, which fits in with your logistics idea. We've fixed the seedlings flying past asteroids too, so now if anyone tries passing through a crowded asteroid they should get in a scuffle.

We're hoping to develop, later on, some level building tools to make procedural levels. This should involve placing barren areas, setting the shape of the asteroided area, etc.

Nice idea about the transportation network. That's hot. I might have to discuss that with Rudolf :)

New screenshots posted today!