Author Topic: Defcon and Eufloria  (Read 4037 times)


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Defcon and Eufloria
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:15:12 AM »
I've been meaning to say this for a long time as it first occured to me when i started playing this game...

Marrying Defcon (IV software) and Eufloria seems to me to be an amazing concept  ;D ;D ;D

defcon has always been one of my most favourite games of all time. as has the darwinia/ multiwinia series. and with eufloria occupying my time since being unable to play defcon (due to being offline so much), it seemed to be an amazing idea to bring the 2 together in a marriage of surpeme incredibleness!

Imagine hybrid-ing the two games in such a way that would create a Defcon style countdown to global annihilation, with world-ending nuke launches as and all the stratgising involved, etc, but with Eufloria style roids and seedinlings, even being as programmably 'easy' in .lua?
Or, the other way round- using Defcon units, gameplay and UI to play in a Eufloria-style environment, with no countdown to destruction element, just focus as now, on taking roids from the enemy(s)?

This is obviously in the realms of fantasty, but what a fantasy!!!

...... :o .......