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thoughts on 2.06...
« on: November 29, 2010, 08:52:03 AM »
Super Seedlings seem superior!  Said strength spurt severely shifts strategy.  Since super seedlings slay spheres so snappily, some standard sessions' survivability suddenly shrinks significantly.

OK I hit a wall with "S" words there so I'll translate ;)

First let me say I'm glad to see a new version out and kudos to everyone involved.

I've just played a few of my favorite levels through with 2.06, and I like that the AI seems a bit more aggressive.  But it also feels to me like a lot of existing levels are now nearly unwinnable.  Either trees are a lot weaker, or seedlings, especially super seedlings, are a lot stronger.  They can cut down trees in a fraction of how long it used to take, so even if you counter with superior defenses, most of the time if an opponent moves a force with super seedlings against you, you will lose the asteroid quickly.

The problem with that is that many, many levels have been designed so the player starts off with significantly smaller starting resources than the AI, to make an even fight given a human player's superior ability to expand and allocate forces.  Now it feels like on many levels, if the AI moves against you in the early stages, the increased ability of seedlings to capture asteroids is too much to overcome.  I wanted to comment about it since it feels like a really big change in basic game balance.  Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that at all, but I think a lot of existing levels will need to be changed in order to remain playable.

I did notice that the changelog mentions that campaign levels have been tweaked, so I will give them a go and see how they play... one thing I have always wanted to see was a way to reset the campaign so it is easier to play through it all a second or third time.

One thing I do absolutely love in the new version is how you can see how much damage each unit has taken... that's totally awesome!
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