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this game is great!
« on: December 30, 2008, 11:31:05 AM »
I saw a post on reddit earlier about this, and ended up  playing it for a couple hours. Registered on this board just to let you know I loved it.

I'm only going to put forth 2 suggestions. I'm sure there's already a plan behind the scenes, and based on what I played earlier, you guys know what you're doing.

1: Seedling auto-move. I spent a good amount of late-game play moving back-line seeds up to the front. Because of the speed differences between them, I'd always be left with stragglers, making me redo the same motions. I'd love to be able to set an auto-move from one asteroid to another, so that any seeds that arrive on asteroid 1, or are created there, are automatically sent on to asteroid 2. That would allow transport lines to keep flowing, so the player could focus on the action.

2: Don't over complicate it! The simplicity and balance is the best part. Keep it up!