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Next patch / version history
« on: October 27, 2009, 05:24:36 AM »
Hey guys,

Changelist for 2.06:

- Updated the gameplay to be faster-paced and more interesting, with more strategic balance.
- Updated the levels to improve the overall experience.
- Updated the game’s AI to think more carefully about where it sends laser mines and flowers.
- Fixed laser mine crash.
- Fixed custom level directory crash.
- Fixed enemy AI sending flowers and mines by breaking the travelling rules.
- Fixed some non-Steam owners being unable to achieve achievements.
- Fixed defense trees to correctly use spawn time values.
- More sound effects comply with volume levels now.
- Fixed entities being attacked by inactive entities.
- Fixed UI falsely reporting flowers/mines being sent when they weren’t.
- Fixed console stealing input.
- Changed colour of directories in custom level menu.
- Finally added a caret in the console and other text entry situations.
- Added a different camera zoom style (available in options menu).
- Flowers, mines, seedlings go red when they are harmed.
- Added Asteroid.GetTreeByIndex.
- Added some new tweakable variables – enhanced seedlings, tree thickness, etc.
- Fixed all the camera Lua stuff. My it was so very broken
- Added functions OnMouseLeftDown(x,y), up, and RightDown and up - x and y are world coords
- Added functions OnMouseLeftDownScreen(x,y) - x and y are screen coords
- Added GetMouseScreenX() and Y()
- Added GetScreenWidth() and Height()
- Added function ScreenDraw() called each time the screen is drawn, with screen pixel coordinates instead of world coords
- Added DrawBox(textureID, borderradius, left, top, right, bottom, r, g, b, a)

Fixed from 2.04 - 2.05:

- Added Achievements.
- Added Community Map Pack 1.
- Added directory support for Custom Maps.
- Added speed records on level selection.
- Lua: Added user interaction Lua calls OnAsteroidSelected(ID), OnMouseLeftClicked(x,y) and OnMouseRightClicked(x,y).
- Lua: Added drawing text from script.
- Lua: GetNumAsteroids() - returns number of asteroids in play.
- Lua: RevealAll() - reveals all asteroids.
- Lua: Asteroid naming (asteroid.Name = "").
- Lua: Planting flowers from script (flower:Plant, flower:PlantOnRandomTree, flower:PlantOnRandom###Tree).
- Lua: Camera location and zoom query from script (GetCameraX, GetCameraY, GetCameraZoom).
- Lua: Get trees on asteroid from script (asteroid:GetRandomTree, asteroid:GetRandom###Tree).
- Fixed adding and removing asteroids at run time.
- Fixed planting on moving asteroids.
- Fixed enemy laser mines travel distance violation (thanks Maarten).
- Fixed crash bug when enemy AI has no asteroids (thanks Mihhaelo).
- Fixed loading music restarting as the game enters main menu.
- Fixed invisible mines/flowers from Lua setup bug.
- Fixed long root crash.

Fixed from 2.03 - 2.04:

Fixing routefinding bugs introduced in 2.03
Drawing from Lua

Fixed from 2.02 - 2.03:

- Added screenshots on F9.
- Fixed AI not planting flowers on Dyson trees.
- Fixed seedlings not attacking high-altitude enemies attacking trees.
- Fixed laser mine sending crash
- Asteroids can be moved in script at runtime with asteroid:MoveBy(x,y) and asteroid:MoveTo(x,y) (Cannot be moved out of world bounds)
- Add flowers and mines to asteroids with script commands asteroid:AddFlower(), asteroid:AddFlower(faction) and asteroid:AddMine(), asteroid:AddMine(faction) (returns object created or nil)
- Query number of present flowers, mines with asteroid:GetNumFlowers(faction) and asteroid:GetNumMines(faction)
- Access present flowers, mines with asteroid:GetFlower(faction) and asteroid:GetMine(faction) (may return nil if none present)
- Send flowers and mines with flower:SendTo(asteroid) and mine:SendTo(asteroid)
- Set attributes on any game entity (asteroid, seedling, tree, mine, flower, etc) using SetStrength, SetSpeed, SetEnergy - results are untested and may not work as desired
- Add seedlings of a particular type to any faction on an asteroid with asteroid:AddSeedlings(number, faction, energy, strength, speed) where attributes are from 0.0 to 1.0
- Remove seedlings from asteroids using asteroid:RemoveSeedlings(faction, number) which will remove random seedlings up to amount 'number' or the currently present population

Fixed from 2.01 - 2.02:

Intel graphics bug fixed! WOOOHOOO
User levels can now have any filename.
Enemy AI now uses flowers properly.
Fixed crash when clicking flowers/mines through the UI.
Fixed captured enemy flowers not enhancing trees.
Fixed AI planting flowers on Dyson trees before they were allowed to.

Fixed from 2.0 - 2.01:

Main menu music crackling
Custom levels do not work
Mythical Chapter 6 on completing all single player levels

and Portuguese added as a language option.
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