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-> The Internal Asteroid & Natural Selection <-
« on: January 18, 2010, 09:22:19 AM »
First of all id like to say this is a really good game and was goes way beyond anyones expectation of a 2D game :) . anyway the point in this post was for me to talk about two ideas that could be fun to implement . firstly the internal asteroid is not yet being used apart from enemys that use your seedling trees as pathways to destroy the energy of the asteroid and turn it into theirs . I think that it could be fun to develop somethin what looks like a virus which latches on to the asteroid and injects little tiny seedlings that destroy the energy . i have no thoughts on what damage or how many hit points these should have but i think a way of combating it would be either a defense turret inside or somthin that can fight them off and as with most features of Eufloria's game , the one that outnumbers the other wins :) .

secondly i think it could be a nice feature to implement natural selection to this or somthing similar . For example the asteroid already has its set energy , strength and speed which determins the current type of seedlings , flowers , defense trees it will produce but what if you had a different seedling which took the last bit of energy to make the asteroid yours , well then i think it would be fun to play around with what sort of seedlings the newer asteroid could produce . this could happen two ways , one is more complex than the other , either you give the seedlings a set of features like chromosomes and when combined with the attributes of the asteroid about to be taken over features it makes a totally different type of seedling , this could be done by a random program that gives each type a 50% chance of producing either the asteroids feature or the invading seedlings feature . the other way is that once a seedling has entered then the medium value between the seedling's value of strength and the asteroids value for strength is taken and that produces a new seedling ... the problem with this is you'd end up with mostly all mediocar types of seedling which isnt fun . there for i recomend the first type which is more funner and random :)

i think there is a hole load of other things you could do to the game rather than make flowers and such , but what you include can determine if the game advances or not . also a 3D game of this would be awsome :) . your thoughts please :)

my english is poor thats all i have to say lol .


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Re: -> The Internal Asteroid & Natural Selection <-
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oh also i forgot .... online play is a must for this game :P , i think this wud be a major strategic game for alot of people . but we all know at the end of this it comes down to numbers and blobing . so it could be a stalemate or one team gets the advantage straight away and wins . most are a slow struggle on other strategic games . also i like the fact that is game looks like a biological cell for some reason .. probably the GCSE textbook interpretation of what a cell looks like ( an egg ) lol . for some reason i keep coming up with biological ideas for this game such as

disease ... a different kind of tree could send a bio-bomb to a enemy colony ( only one like the flowers ) and it could have an effect on the enemy colony , which i have not thought of all the examples but i like the idea of a virus that spreads through colonies and if you move your colonies to other asteroids then the asteroid you gave help to , might not get any help at all and become infected ... infected with what ever , the possibilites are endless either less strength etc or a slow death or turning into enemy seedlings etc , the list goes on lol .

somethin is trastically needed to stop this blobbing effect ( mass numbers ( 300 + ) , the computers simply cant handle it lol .
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