Author Topic: Does Eufloria create an error log?  (Read 4309 times)


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Does Eufloria create an error log?
« on: November 08, 2009, 09:57:24 PM »
Hey there,

like many others, i really really like this game! :D (Not to say its a lot more replayable than Osmos >.> )

Ive been looking around the mods forum hre cause i might play around with some level scripting, and aftear reading some experience reports of the users im wondering if Eufloria creates an error log/crash dump? (The game hasnt crashed on me yet, so i cant tell)
And if so if the game does so by default or only with some special command line option (like debug mode or so). Regarding that other thread of the hard-coded limits of Eufloria, an error log/crash dump might help find out the reasons for those seemingly random crashes.

Also, im not sure whether this topic should go here or in the support forum -- please move if its more appropriate over there.