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Model & Sprite Making Tool
« on: May 10, 2011, 06:01:34 AM »
I introduce a new tool to Eufloria map making, if it is for special effects or for pure game making: It's a simple way of making several dots turning into a 2D model. Even thouh this isn't impressive enough you'll have the power to rotate it whenevery you want and to which angle you want, and nothing too complex. And if that wasn't cool enough: You can put all the models together and make sprites(animated models) like a walking man or a simple wheel! But it takes some time to get used to it...

For example: When you make a model and putting on parts, it's nothing like:
put part made of (sprite id=1) and put it on x12 and y0
No, you must select the id and then the distance and main angle, let me explain with a picture:

Keep in notice that the protractor is in the bottom and that the degrees are actually increasing at the left side, this means that it is converted and up is 180 degrees and down is 90 degrees.

Now, to the functions that you must use

Quote from: Models
Quote from: CreateCustomModel()
CreateCustomModel() creates space for a new and the first model, after this function you can choose to put in parts, this is usually the best idea...

Quote from: AddCustomModelPart(id,dist,rot,r,g,b,a,size)
Now this is interesting, I'll skip through it all with you:
    id = the sprite id you use when you draw a sprite, this way you can have a bold circle at "over there" and a little dot somewhere... around "here".
    dist = look at the circle, the dist(distance) is how far away from the drawingpoint's center the model part will be, followed by a degree the dist and degree creates an x/y axis automatically.
    rot = rotation, or degree. It tells where the next dot will be placed with the dist... "No dist; no degree. No vice versa!"
    r = Red, the redness of the next part: is it red as blood or not?
    g = Greenness, have we met an alien yet?
    b = Blueness, guess the alien was blue
    Note that all of the colours creates everything from black to white(if you think i mean grayscale... you're wrong.)
    a = Alpha level, the higher the more transparent the part will be, this is useful for smoke effects!
    size = The size of the part...

Quote from: EndCustomModel()
Back to boring functions, though without it: You'll probably get a stack overflow or an error...

Quote from: DrawCustomModel(id,x,y,rotation,size(1=normal))
This one is also fairly interesting...
    id = The model id, not the sprite id as last time! The first model you create gets the id of 0, and after it raises and raises...
    x,y = Coords, this will be the center point for the model!
    rotation = Name says it all...
    size = Global size, this affects all of the parts in the model!

This is all the functions that you'll need for making models, there's still some left over, but those are just functions that will be built in with the file.

Quote from: Sprites
Info comming soon, sry... Try experimenting :)

Thanks for reading and supporting, if there is anything you wonder about, ask! I'm free for suggestions, and I know of boxes and lines... I'm going to add that in later time!

And don't forget to report me about bugs and stuff, and mind that there is no debuggin currently, I don't know what will happen...

And please: if you make an interesting model, post it here?(jsut dump the whole file and other might extract the model itself only, or give us the model code) :)