Author Topic: Seedling scripts  (Read 3315 times)


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Seedling scripts
« on: February 03, 2011, 11:45:06 PM »
If anyone knows anything at all about referring to seedlings in scripts, please post the information here.  :>

To start us off, Mihaelo told me that it's possible to refer to the seedlings orbiting an asteroid.

Is there any way to refer to seedlings that are in flight?
If I refer to a particular seedling while it's orbiting an asteroid, I wonder if the same variable will still refer to it when it's on a different asteroid.... Hmmmm..

The holy grail for me is being able to detect how many seedlings for a given faction are en route to an asteroid... and which asteroid they are heading for.
This is because it would enable the AI to respond to attacks before any seedlings arrive at an asteroid for an attack.  Currently seedlings that are "in flight" are effectively invisible to IAI.