Author Topic: Suggestion: Combine smaller asteroids to bigger ones to form a single asteroid  (Read 4101 times)


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     I think it would be cool if you could combine planets together to form one bigger, stronger one: it's annoying to click on every little planet so you could have the seedlings somehow pull the smaller planets to the bigger ones.
 Maybe have the small asteroids orbit around the bigger one but when you click on it, it acts like one asteroid.  :o
Or just movable asteroids.


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Moveable asteroids would be sweet, but I'm not aware of any way to script such a thing, unfortunately.  Maybe we'll figure out a way to do it, or maybe code to support it will be added at some point..or maybe it will remain in the realms of the impossible.


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It's an interesting idea but, as annikk mentioned, it's incompatible with the game engine as it works currently. It'd need a fundamental rewrite of a major portion of the game and, personally, I think the game as it is works perfectly well without this... feature? option?

There's a fair bit of micromanagement, but the basic concept is very simple so it's not really (I find) seriously impeding your ability to get on with conquering the belt  ;)