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« on: July 31, 2009, 08:10:25 AM »
Yeah, I have far too many ideas.... I have posted that I agree to some things and might want some things but I just find it boring to just look throught every topic and check if someone hasn't already added it so i'll just dump my ideas here and if people saw it already then...well, here's another spin on it.

I'll do it one thing at a time, so here's the first one. Idea's of colonization and what not. Dyson trees have that single root? Why wouldn't they be designed with a "multi-root" system in them like earth trees? I think it would be cool to see that spagetti weave of roots, while also having that one hit the core as the tree evolves and becomes bigger it grows out more roots, making it dificult for opposing seeds to justmake a B-line straight to the core and have them hit a dead end, back up and go another way. Also, people have put up the idea of having the asteroid size determine the volume to trees that can be planted. a good idea, only that then the AI will scramble and take control of the Humongorus (heheh, funny word :D) whaile you're left with the...s*$%ty little asteroids.