Author Topic: Review + Post Release Suggestions  (Read 3816 times)


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Review + Post Release Suggestions
« on: October 25, 2009, 05:56:07 PM »
First of all this is a great game.  I am really impressed at how the full game turned out and what convinced me to throw down the money for it was the promise of access to level building and scripting tools which apparently aren't around yet but I'm sure that the scene will rock out a ton of levels soon.  I figured I'd start a new suggestions thread since the bulk of the old one is from before the full game was released

The best thing about the full game is the flowers.  They make defense trees worth having since you can get what the game refers to as 'laser mines' but I tend to think of them as Battlestars.  The defense trees and the Battlestars make a low speed rating particularly devastating in the seed population, which adds relevance to a stat that didn't really matter too much in the old build.  I don't think that the basic game needs more overall variety, simplicity is really what makes Eufloria appealing.  I can't stress how great the balance of the game feels there are a few minor tweaks that might improve things but defense and dyson tree costs and benefits seem very close to me whereas before, on the old build of the game, defense trees were pretty much worthless (in particular their ability to deter enemy laser mines makes them worth having in many more situations).  I also love the laser spark that shows attacks now. 

One major request is rally points.  If I could designate asteroids as rally points such that any new seeds made would automatically move to the closest rally point that would save me a ton of clicking.

Now the complaints.  The game is too easy, again, I know that user made content will correct this quickly but the AI could use a little spiffing up.  In particular their flower placement and use of laser mines could be quickly improved.  The Laser Mines work much better with some extra seeds escorting them to take some of the fire.  A will timed wave hitting an asteroid at the same time as a laser mine can easily devastate a much larger defensive force.  The computer tends to send out one by itself on a sort of suicide mission.  I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design but it seems like the computer's defense trees with flowers often don't regrow the laser mine after it has been destroyed.  Removing the 40+ seeds on an asteroid limit on new seed production might help the AI too.  The limit doesn't bother me because I keep moving my seeds towards the front so my core can produce constantly. 

The biggest want overall, and I know this isn't coming soon, is of course a multiplayer mode.  If you want this game to be taken seriously you're going to have to eventually add this and I would hope that even if bug fixes are the priority for you right now that implementing this is in the back of your mind. 

Also, the new arrow, while a great improvement for moving seeds around, breaks with the aesthetic style of the game, maybe something in softer tones that doesn't jump around as much.  Perhaps it could fade in as I hover over an asteroid.  Just a thought.

Again, thanks for producing such a fun and mesmerizing game experience, can't wait to get some custom maps going.


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Re: Review + Post Release Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2009, 03:19:35 AM »
Thanks for the excellent feedback, it is much appreciated.  We are still letting it all sink in, but I am thinking about doing a detailed post mortem in a month or two, and that includes reflections on game design choices.

Player feedback is very important to us so thanks for gpoing through the trouble.